In the beginning...

Jasol Australia was established in 1934 when an enterprising chemist, Mr.Charles Johnson, approached
Mr.Edwards (a prominent Adelaide businessman) with a formulation that enabled oil to be mixed with water. Together they formed a chemical company that we now know as Jasol. Mr.Johnson originally wanted to call the proposed company Johnson's Antiseptic Soluble Oils Ltd but was content with the abbreviation JASOL.

Jasol was incorporated as a private company on the 13th of August 1934. The manufacture of their first product "Jasol B" took place at the home of Mr.Johnson in California St, Adelaide, South Australia.

In 1960 Jasol had once again outgrown their manufacturing facilities and moved to Willcox Avenue Prospect. At this time, Jasol was the most active manufacturer of chemicals in South Australia. During this time an aerosol plant was installed.

In 1984 GWF acquired a small Western Australia (WA) based chemical business called Entex Chemicals.

In 2002 Jasol Australia purchased the business of EST which specialises in Cleaning.In.Place cleaning chemicals for the dairy industry. Jasol enters the New Zealand and Asia markets.



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