CORRUGATED Liquid Resins Hydratite EK28G

Liquid Resins

Hydratite EK28G
25 Kgs / 220 Kgs /1,150 Kgs




Wet Strength – High penetration combined with strong cross-linking. 

Performance Enhancer – Increased running speeds high sized liners and mediums. Benefits    Hight water resistant’s    With single application, get desired level of water resistance and
              increased corrugators production capability    Simple, versatile and cost effective    Helps the water hold out in the glue so it can fully gel    Can add 0.3 to 1% of your total size for long storage. 1 to 3 Days.    Good preservative for finished starch.    Increases penetration into the liners    Helps with shear resistance, for a more consistent viscosity.    Increased Pin adhesion and E.C.T.    Reduces warp    Kills bacteria in the glue and system    Can use untreated ink waste water With Hydratite EK 28G    High water resistance and performance with single, simple application    Clear to cloudy liquid    Use 0.3% to 1% of your total batch    Safe to use    Low odour    Viscosity stability    Improvements in bond quality resulting in increased pin adhesion and fiber tear

         25 Kgs (Pail)
         220 Kgs (Drum)
         1,150 Kgs (Bulk Container)


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